Ask Legal.Com is a one-hour weekly legal magazine radio program hosted by former human rights commissioner Atty. Wilhelm Soriano. The program aims to create awareness about legal rights by answering phone in questions from callers.

Sundays, 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

Atty. Wilhelm Soriano

Atty. Wilhelm Soriano

Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano is a renowned personality in public service. His amiable and highly-spirited character earned him the trademark of being a complete caregiver.¬† He never gets tired of honing his skills and talents in various fields of endeavors. Because of his wisdom and compassion to ‚Äúlesser mortals‚ÄĚ, his popularity to his former colleagues and with the people he worked with is par beyond excellence. To them, he is larger than life. A public servant¬† who treats everyone with¬† a¬† sense of respect and sincerity,¬† his¬† down-to-earth¬† style of dealings with¬† people from all walks of life¬† will forever be¬† associated with his¬† reputation as the ‚ÄėAction Man.‚Äô. With a deep sense of¬† dedication and hard work, Commissioner Soriano will once again bring smile to those whose life he touched as he showcase his expertise in the newest television talk show.

Aside from being appointed as  the Vice President for External Relations of UNTV in 2008, right after his retirement from the CHR, Commissioner Soriano continues to be an inspiration to everyone. His advocacy for the protection of human rights for everyone remains his advocacy in life. In addition, he remains to be the idol of the youth as he shares his knowledge and wisdom in his law profession at San Beda College of Law.