Dear Kuya

Dear Kuya The Drama archive page:

DEAR KUYA is a three-hour program of UNTV-Radio La Verdad 1350 which goes on air during weekdays, from 9:00am to 12:00nn, hosted by multi-awarded humanitarian and broadcast-journalist Kuya Daniel Razon.

Primarily, the program aims to bring back the glorious days when radio was still the basic source of information and entertainment. Hence, Dear Kuya offers both information and entertainment – an alternative to the same time slot shows which are saturated with political bickering and exposés.

Catering to all sectors of society, DEAR KUYA features philosophical and moral discussions on issues that directly affect society today. The discussion of each topic closes with the words of wisdom based on the teachings of the Holy Scriptures explained by the program’s resource person, Bro. Eli Soriano.

Inspiring music relative to the topic being discussed provides a soothing ambience. The program aims to establish a healthy interaction with its listeners and encourages them to send text messages and/or post their comments and reactions about the program on various social networking sites. But since the program also wants to be of help to its listeners who are beleaguered by problems and in need of enlightenment and spiritual advice, they are encouraged to write about it and send to the program’s host. The chosen letter sender of the month will receive a prize of P10,000 as well as a chance have his or her story dramatized by UNTV-Radio La Verdad’s voice talents, with Kuya Daniel as the narrator at the last segment of Dear Kuya (11am to 12:00nn). The show concludes with a Bro. Eli’s Bible-based insights and advice.

Daniel Razon

Daniel Razon

Having worked for the biggest and more popular radio and television stations in the country, Daniel Razon has become one of the most competent and credible news anchors in the Philippines. His exceptional voice and the skill to incarnate scripts brought him to the list of the most sought-after voice-over talents in the country as well. It was actually this voice and skill that served as his passport to the world of broadcasting. Standing out in oratorical speech all throughout grade school, high school and his AB Mass Communication degree at the Centro Escolar University, it seemed that he was meant to be in the field of communication and information. Soon after graduation, he became a disc jockey at GV 99.1 in Angeles City Pampanga, then at KYFM, DZXQ, DWST, DZME, DWRR and YES FM, where he was known to his listeners as “Dr. Clark”. In GMA-7, Kuya Daniel, a moniker he is also popularly-known for, was a mainstay of Unang Hirit. In ABS-CBN, he anchored for several news programs. He was the host of “Dakila Ka, Pinoy” and “Pandayan ni Mang Pandoy” in NBN Channel 4. At DZMM he anchored “Gising Pilipinas,” “DZMM Network News,” “Pasada 630,” “Compañero y Compañera,” “Kung May Relos, May Razon,” “Usapang de Campanilla” and “Razon Sa Likod ng mga Balita.” Kuya Daniel’s voice, talent, looks and dedication unlocked more doors of opportunity for him. From being a disk jockey, he rose to being a television newscaster, anchorman and show host. With wholesome good looks and character suitable to stand for health products, various companies consider him as a perfect endorser of their products. The veteran broadcast journalist’s knowledge in and passion for broadcasting do not remain covered. He is also an educator who imparts his immense skill and expertise in broadcasting and mass communication by serving as a University Professor in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. For years, he has discovered and honed untapped talents in his students, grooming them to become the next pillars of the broadcasting ground. He had also ventured into being a radio station manager and a television show producer and director, proving his dexterity in the field of broadcasting. His hand in mass communication seems to be everywhere. For as long as there is a way for mass media to reach to the people, his name crops up as a leader. Today, Daniel Razon is the chairman and CEO of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) Inc. that operates and markets UNTV. Outside broadcasting and public service, Daniel also takes pleasure in writing songs. Most of these compositions are sung personally by him, compiled as albums which are available in the market. Unmindful of the praises that people give him for his numerous works, Kuya Daniel remains the same humble man who refuses to take the credit for himself and instead attributes it to the Almighty God.