Make My Day

Now nearing two decades in mainstream television, Make My Day is an issues-based essay on TV, hosted by noted economist, businessman and engineer, Mr. Larry Henares Jr.

For many years, the show maintains its stated purpose: to enlighten, inspire, educate, astound, delight, amuse and imbue with a sense of wonder. It does so through its host’s treatment of broad range of topics that include economy, history, culture, science, politics, literature, the arts and more.

The goal is to give fellow Filipinos a sense of belonging to each other, a sense of common purpose and destiny and to advance what Thomas Mann calls the Patriotism of Humanity. The idea is that human welfare is indivisible and to proclaim the greatest and grandest truth of our time – the truth of which poets sing and philosophers dream — that across all artificial borders of national sovereignty, above all diversity of political and economic systems, beyond all differences in race, color, gender and creed, lies under God the common humanity of Man. It is this truth that makes men brothers; it is this truth that will set men free.

Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 8:10 pm.

Larry Henares Jr.

Larry Henares Jr.

Larry Henares Jr. is the author of the most widely read column in the Philippines, “Make my Day” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. UNTV 37 provided Larry a 10-minute TV program of the same name and simulcasts on UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350.

He is a writer known for his essays on economics, history, art and culture and as front page columnist of Manila Times during the pre-martial law. He is one of the first five-sided multimedia journalist, having been on radio (DZRJ-fm and DWBR-fm), on television (Channel 9, 13 and UNTV), in the Internet, as well as on newsprint and published books.

Larry is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila, University of the Philippines and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also considered as an Eisenhower Fellow, an engineer, economist, educator, big businessman, author, civic leader, public servant and hobbyist.