Cong. Lorenzo Tañada III

Known as Erin to his close friends, Cong. Lorenzo Tañada III was the Representative of the Fourth District of Quezon in the Philippine Congress in the 15th Congress.

His political inclination can be traced to his father, Senator Bobby Tañada, and grandfather, Senator Lorenzo Tañada. He obtained his formal education on Political Science in Ateneo de Manila University. Being a congressman, first elected last 2004, he has already passed pieces of legislation that significantly helped maintain equity in the Philippine society. The list includes Anti-Torture and Crimes against International Humanitarian Law, and the Renewable Energy Law. Presently, he is a strong advocate of the Freedom of Information Bill.

Though honed in the political realm, he is indeed an interesting addition to the GMK family. His smiling face and insightful opinions and pieces of advice as a resource speaker for legal matters are added features of the show.

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